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Private Notes

Private Notes Plugin for WordPress

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Lets the author add private notes to a post that only the author can see. Just use a note code, like this [note] my private note [/note] and then it won't be shown publicly but will be rendered in a div tag with class "private-note" so an admin can style the div.

See the plugin listing on WordPress's Plugin Directory"


Search from within the WordPress plugin directory for "Private Notes"

Or download the archive, then either (1) copy to your wp-content/plugins directory or (2) upload via http://[]/wp-admin/plugin-install.php?tab=upload, finally activating the plugin.

How to Use

Once activated in WordPress, simply add the following shortcode in your posts:

[note] This is a personal note that only admins can see! [/note]

If you have publishing rights (aka the blog owner/author), then the note will be displayed in a div with a private-note class, so you can use it to give a specific style to your notes. The text won't show at all for normal visitors.

<div class="private-note"> This is a personal note that only admins can see! </div>


Here's what it looks like viewing a post as an admin.
The privates note box doesn't show at all if you're a visitor.


Thanks to @catswhocode for his post which IS this plugin he shared on his post at